Seen one, seen them all, no?

Traveling around we have been to a number of different hotels and places to stay. Although I have been in what some people may call the most beautiful places to stay in the world, they all have one thing in common that seems to be a hit or miss. You may even think that it does not matter once you find out what I am talking about.

Have any guesses?


From place to place and city to city, some had carpet, others did not. Some had hardwood, while others just lacked in design and other interesting elements.  If you are unfamiliar with Craigie Stockwell, they have designed some of the most intricate and beautifully designed hotel carpets. They also do other high end luxury building such as casinos.

Carpeting is something that I personally feel should be in every building. Yes, the hardwood looks lovely but there are so many added benefits to having carpet installed not to mention the customization you can have when it comes to your design. A company such as Craigie Stockwell would probably be outrageous for your typical carpet design or install but hey, we can all dream right.

What has been the most memorable carpet that you can think of?

We had stayed at the Four Seasons in New York last year. There was a carpet there that just popped out at me and still is stuck in my mind. I do not have a picture of it to post as I am not going around taking pictures of carpet every day – lol but, I am sure I will see it again one day.

There is something about having the correct carpet with an amazing design and what it can do to improve the space of a room and make you remember how beautiful it was like me.


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