Hotel Renovations

A worth while hotel

Renovations are great. Mix and change things up. Having a fresh look helps with image and staying on top of your competition. Most hotel chains or single properties have a scheduled time for continuous remodeling and renovations. This is good news for commercial electrical contractors.

When it comes to these larger commercial jobs, the electrical contractors main bulk of the work is making sure things are energy efficient and having better Wi-fi and cellular communication and connectivity.

Newer hotels typically focus more on the cosmetic side of hotel renovations. On average you will see newer hotels take on new renovation projects every 6 years. The strategy behind this that at 12 years costs can become more expensive with the job becoming more extensive and time consuming. Electrical and other contractors have smaller projects to manage this way. Every hotel will undergo a complete remodel about 18 years on average. This can consist of tearing down walls, ceilings, new plumbing, hvac, and other work as well.

Staying Open

A majority of the time hotels stay open and in operation while contraction takes place. Accommodating the customers is the number one thing next to getting done as quickly as possible. Hotels make this happen by being out of the way and not having guests stay near the construction areas.

Whats In?

Many of hotel renovations now days have a lot to do with lighting. LED has become the new standard and in the long run will save loads of money from less light bulbs needing to be purchased and changed. next to this is the consistent upgrade for Wi-fi and cellular devices. Everyone is on the internet this day and age and having the best top of the line connections help with the overall happiness of the guests.

Preserving History

Now days people would love to preserve what has been made historical. Renovating historical buildings, hotels, and other structures helps accomplish this. With all of the new technology we have today, renovating buildings to help with the preservation of them should be an easy task.